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Suncoast Cabs


Since the early 2000s, Its never been easy to get from one point to another in a comfortable and convenient way. Travelers all over the wold visit South Africa every month to see the Cape Town Hotels, wanting to get Durban experience, have to see that sunset in Pretoria. We have set up a control center to help all the citizens of South Africa be able to track meter cabs easly.

We have dedicated all our resources and staff to help all the citizens to track taxis and help cab companies to get more businesses on a regular basis. All the companies with or without electronic advertising media are welcome to do advertise with us. Our control station forward hundreds of phone calls an hour and we contact cab drivers from whichever location is South Africa.



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Control Center

The center controlls all the communications from all parties, the website, email, tel are the main triggers of communication. Any passenger in the country contact the center requiring immediate transportation.The center recieve the location of the passenger by the following networking systems. Website feedback form E-mail Tel whatsapp bbm other The center match this location against of meter cabs database and the results are sent to the nearest driver to the location in real time.